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We evaluate your circumstances not just to determine the strength of your position but also whether your choice of direction is proper. Some clients ask for things which will cost more than they are worth. Some ask us to proceed on tasks that will not produce practical results. While we can't guarantee that each legal undertaking will produce positive results or practical effects, we can assure you that we have given each task some serious consideration. Whether the result seems worthy and practically suitable after the cost of our legal effort always is a concern and steps are always taken to review all of your requests with this perspective in mind. Only when it appears that the task will produce practical, positive results do we proceed. We protect your pocketbook. We are a good fit for cost conscious clients.

Specifics of General Practice

Real Estate Transfers.

We represent buyers and sellers of both residential and commercial real estate. We draft contracts, negotiate terms and conditions, review title searches and obtain surveys and compare and approve all aspects of a transfer. We also represent lenders who wish to secure their loans with real estate mortgages. We prepare all documentation and record all necessary securities. Many realtors refer their transactions to us as we are widely known to keep them in the transaction and copied on all interactions along the way to closing. We know that the parties want to make the transfer occur and we work hard to achieve your expectations.

Land Use and other Realty.

We represent individuals and companies before the Planning or Zoning Board or before the Municipal Council in order to address issues arising in connection with the use of real property or boundary issues or the vacating of municipal property. Settling gore, gap or overlap boundary disputes has us producing boundary line settlement agreements.  Adjusting Real Estate assessments using the process of Tax Appeals brings us regularly before the County Board of Tax Commissioners or the New Jersey Tax Court directly on properties.

Business Transfers.

We represent buyers and sellers of small and medium size companies. We draft contracts after assisting in the establishment of terms and conditions. We satisfy all applicable state and federal laws and produce documents for title company and lender and construct the closing documents on schedule in satisfaction of our client's interest.  Our experience helps to keep the transaction on target and provides many alternatives to solve common problems.


We represent a variety of individuals and companies entitled to receive money on account or as a result of a contract breach. We bring actions in the Superior Court of New Jersey, both in the Law Division or Chancery Division but also in the Special Civil Part in order to obtain a more prompt resolution in matters involving amounts of less than $15,000.

Domestic Relations.

We represent individuals either plaintiff or defendant who wish to be divorced and need to have a complete property settlement and separation agreement developed. We negotiate the terms of the agreement and pursue the action in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Chancery Division.

Municipal Court Defense.

We represent individuals who have received Summons and Complaint from a law enforcement officer due to an alleged violation of state or local law. We either require the prosecutor to present a trial of the charges or we negotiate a reduction of charges which may be accepted by the defendant.

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